Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Anchors and Dandy Lions

Ah... little dandelion.  So maligned as a troublesome weed - routed out by lawn keepers, prized by herbalists for its medicinal properties, as well as, its usefulness as a food.  This little flowery plant that lives within the grass is one of my favorite little flowers.  If, in spring, your yard is also home to tiny purple violets or johnny jump-ups mingling with the golden blossoms, joining their colors to shout Winter is over, embrace them, pick some leaves or flowers of the Ochre Lion and make some tea.  

Choose and pick a handful of small-ish dandelion leaves or blossoms  (do not choose from dandelions in yards or public parks or fields that may have been treated with lawn treatment/pesticide chemicals... do I have to say why?) and while the tea kettle boils, give them a good washing.  

Coarsely chop them and add them to a tea ball or strainer.  If you use the blossoms, you do not need to chop them. When the water boils, well, you know what to do.

Let the leaves steep in the water for 12-15 minutes, stir in some honey, if you like, and enjoy.  I'm not an herbalist nor a doctor.  I'll leave it to you to investigate the health benefits of dandelions!  And what little child (or grown-up) does not delight in blowing the puffy seeds into the sky?!

Now that the tea is ready, here's a knitting update.  Geepa Mac put the word out on the street that he would like a dark blue sweater with anchor buttons.  Of course, I complied.  Pattern is Lion Brand's Father's Day Cardigan.  It's free.  I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky and changed it up just a bit (see my Ravelry notes)  and found the perfect buttons to meet Grandpa's request.... Anchor Buttons.  Shhhh, he doesn't know about it yet.... it's a surprise...If you start now, you might get one finished for Father's Day, yourself!

Bible verse for Grandpas: 

 “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you."  Exodus 20:12

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