Friday, May 25, 2012

Nails, Needles, Hooks - A Re-Purposed Double Point Needle Case

Sometime ago, Grannie Annie sent some goodies for the grandbabies... her great-grands.  Among the treats in the box was one nail apron from the Ace Hardware Store - probably a thank-you freebie stuffed in one of her purchases.  It was intended for Little R, but over the last two years, or so, he showed no interest in it and it languished at the bottom of the toy box.  But it occurred to me........

 Firstly, cut off the tie strings.

Then mark off how you wish to sew the little troughs for your DPN needles or crochet hooks.  I would have used tailor's chalk for this, if I had some.  Pencil had to do. 
I made each pocket 1 inch.

Sew the pockets, making sure to backstitch at each end for extra strength. 

Take one of the ties and sew it to the edge on the non-pockety side.  I sewed it a bit off center so that one side is longer than the other.  It seems to tie up better that way.

Presto, Change-o!  Fill it up!
 (It is a bit too long for the crochet hooks, if you want their 
little heads to peep above the edge.)

Fold the top flap over the needle tips, roll it up, tie it up and it's ready to go!

Bible verse for this afternoon:
 "The LORD will keep you from all harm—He will watch over your life..."

Psalm 121:7

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