Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Adventures in Crock-Pot and Kool-Aid Yarn Dyeing

I wanted to try some crock-pot dyeing.  Here's what happened:  

I bought several flavors of Kool-Aid for this project, with no particular color plan in mind.  I was somewhat limited to the color choices, as my local food store was limited in their selection.  So be it.   

 Place a hank of wet yarn into the crock-pot, cover and set to "high." Lay the hank as you wish.  
How it is laid into the water will determine the design of color placement.  

 After it gets hot, remove cover (set this aside as you will not use it again), open one packet of Kool-Aid and, very gently, sprinkle the powder over one half of the yarn.  Do not replace the cover and do not move the water at all. Stirring the water will really muddle the colors.  When the color has absorbed,
 repeat with a second color of powder on the other half.  Again, wait for the color to absorb.  
You will notice in the above photo... that I did not do that on this hank.  
The second hank I waited between each color and liked the results much better.  

When the water is completely clear, take two large spoons and very carefully, lift and flip the entire hank in the crock-pot to the other side.  Wait for the water to quiet...  then sprinkle a third color right down the middle.  After the water is clear, again.  Turn off the crock-pot and allow it to cool down, completely.  

Remove from the pot and very thoroughly and without much agitation, rinse completely in cool water.  
Squeeze gently and roll in a towel to remove the excess water.  Hang the entire hank where it can dry.  
(I hung mine outside on a shepherd's hook plant hanger.)   

This colorway was: Tangerine, Lemon-Lime and Grape

 This colorway was: Pink Lemonade, Lemonade, Blueberry-Raspberry and Grape.

TA-DA   Very Pretty All Knitted Up!
Pattern for these Mitts is:   Susie Roger's Reading Mitts

Today's Bible Verse:
"Who is this that appears like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, majestic as the stars in procession?"  Song of Solomon 6:10


  1. The yarn and the gloves are beautiful! Thank you for posting the tutorial - I have yarn in the crockpot now!

    1. Oh, how wonderful! Will LOVE to see how your yarn comes out of the dye..... Jan

  2. Does the dye stay after washing or does it start to fade out?