Saturday, May 11, 2013

An Aran Sweater for Jimmy the Squid

So Jimmy the Squid requested an Aran sweater some long time gone ago.  Wow, it's hard to find a good pattern for a man and one that shows charts and, dare I say it.... free.  I came up with about three choices that I liked the sequencing of the cables but only one had charts..... The Inishturk Sweater... It's the winner.  Good Ol' Lion Brand.  You'll have to be registered at the Lion Brand site to view that.  Notice that it's got a photo of a girl modeling the sweater.  We won't tell Jimmy the Squid.  What a bear to get started.  And even after three starts there is still a mistake or two.  I'm leaving it. Remember, how do you
knit an Aran?  1 Row at a Time.

Bible verse for today:
"May mercy and peace and love be multiplied to you."  Jude 1:2

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