Monday, May 13, 2013

Master Knitter Monday Week 2

This past week was spent in collecting supplies, doing some more practice knitting and going through the books - researching techniques.  For this program you will need:

Worsted weight yarn - Use a very light color.   I would NOT recommend anything but wool as acrylic is not conducive to blocking very well and cotton's or other plant-y yarns may present problems, as well, in the blocking process.  I have chosen to use Cascade 220 worsted weight.  It is 100% wool and seems to be one of the yarns of choice for those who have already gone through the Master Knitter thing.

Needle -  This has been a bit tricky for me.  I tried several different ones and thought I had settled on an Addi Turbo, size 7, 16 inch circular.  All of the swatches that I practiced on, so far, have been made with that needle. But.....   I don't like the tips on that needle.  They are a bit 'dull' and when making seed stitch (especially) one has to be very tight for this project and it's hard to get the dull tips into the tight stitch.  I'm moving on to try Susan Bates Quicksilver.  I like the long, tapered tips of these needles so will give them a go.

For the Notebook -  A notebook (obviously) and plastic sheet protectors are needed.  Also, tab dividers to organize the project.  You will also need some sort of string/hang tags.  You can make your own, if you like.

For the Blocking - This requires a ruler.  It is NOT recommended by the overseers that you use a measuring tape.  A ruler is more accurate.  Get some Rust PROOF pins... lots of them.  I ordered some T-pins from Lacis as they claim to be rust proof.  Many companies claim their pins are rust resistant but I'm not trusting anything but rust proof stainless steel.  I don't want to be surprised with rusty stains on the swatches. You will need towels for squeezing the water out of the swatches and you will need some sort of pinning surface.  After a cruising of the TKGA Ravelry forum for the Master Knitting Group, it seems the popular thing is to get some of those spongy, foamy floor square/mat things that they use in gyms/exercise rooms.  It seems you can purchase them from the likes of Lowes, Home Depot, etc.  Of course you can use those lovely blocking boards that are offered specifically for knitting at knitting suppliers.  I have, yet, to get something to do the blocking on.

I've spent a great deal of time reading through postings on the TKGA Ravelry Group forums and surfing all the internet sites that are referred to, there.  I've also read through the entire Master Knitter Level 1 Packet (several times and will read through it in its entirety several more times) and started going through every book that I own looking for what I may need.  I've marked and notated all those pages with those Post-It Notes tab posties.  I've knitted several practice swatches of the first three swatches to identify weak spots and to use to practice blocking.  At this rate....  I'm gonna need some more yarn!

Today's Bible Verse:
"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men...."
Colossians 3:23

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